Who are we?

We are a group of Philadelphia artists working in a variety of medium. We are theatre-makers, film-makers, painters, performance artists, community-builders, and more.

Our mission:

Artists are borne of their communities. It is the mission of this collective to nurture and strengthen the communities that shape us. For artists, this collective offers support in the way of developmental feedback, infrastructure for public showings, and audience-sharing. For audiences, the collective offers frequent programming to various communities, who can approach each work knowing that the artistic roots are shared by other artists in this community, even as we diverge into various practices. This collective aims to both strengthen existing community and expand itself to meet and merge with other communities. It is constantly open and growing.

Processes differ among artists, and we aim to connect each other in an open dialogue about our work. We value each others’ process, we value witnessing each other, and we value the work we create. We encourage each other to find new medium, and stretch what might be construed as theatre. As we explore, we share the values of devised performance, open communication, and the active construction of community.