Unless otherwise noted, upcoming events are pending updates around the COVID-19 situation.

  • Friday 4/10: “The Wi-Fi Is Down” – This is a horror story for modern times, to be shown on Instagram Live, under the handle @duelingbeggar.
  • Tuesday 4/28: RPG Night at Thirsty Dice – Join member Jeffrey Evans at Thirsty Dice on Fairmount to survive the zombie apocalypse in “Zombie World,” a tabletop role-playing game from Magpie Games.
  • Thursday 5/7: Salon of Shame – This popular diary-reading event started in Seattle and has since popped up in Columbus, New Orleans, and Jacksonville. Philadelphia is the most recent addition to this growing community! This will be hosted online.
  • 6/18-21: Brian’s House – Our friends at Lupine Performance Cooperative are presenting a new work, with Stamp Collective member Nathan Alford-Tate in the mix.
  • 6/19-27: Macbeth in Laurel Hill Cemetery – Enjoy the outdoors this summer with REV Theatre Company’s latest production.